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An initiative of the FOSSEE Project, IIT Bombay
in association with
Whistling Woods International

Synfig Studio 2D Animation Hackathon

Announcement of Results and Closing Ceremony

Date: 8 January 2021
Time: 3 PM

About Synfig Studio 2D animation Hackathon

FOSSEE, IIT Bombay in association with Whistling Woods International is hosting an online Synfig Studio 2D Animation Hackathon. Synfig Studio is a cross-platform free and open source vector-based 2D animation software which is designed to produce film-quality animation with minimum resources. So get started, avail this opportunity to upgrade your skills and enhance your career. We welcome newbies and veterans- from high school students to professionals and FLOSS enthusiasts to take part in this Hackathon.

What is the Synfig Studio 2D animation Hackathon?

During the Hackathon the participants will create an original 2D animated short movie of about 3 mins duration using Synfig Studio. You should make the animation (graphics, audio, etc.) using ONLY open source software. You can make the narration in English or in the 22 scheduled Indian languages.

Eligibility to participate

  • Knowledge of basic graphics, designing and animation is required.
  • Prior knowledge of using Synfig Studio to create 2D animation is expected. If you are self motivated and want to participate you can self learn Synfig Studio using Spoken tutorials. These are available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.
  • High school/college students, faculty, professionals (animators, designers etc.) from any field who are interested in creating animations.
Team size and Composition
  • Participate as an individual or as a team (max. 4 members).
  • Ideally, a team can consist of individuals like: Synfig Studio user / animator / graphic designer / story narrator / video editor / etc.


Some Helpful Resources for Hackathon

  • Self learn Synfig Studio using Spoken Tutorials. These are available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.
  • For making the animation, if you want to create graphics, record audio, etc., you can use some other software. But as there is a requirement to strictly use Open Source Software in this hackathon, you can use GIMP, Audacity, Inkskape, etc. for the same. You can self learn these software using the Spoken Tutorials which are freely available. These are available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.
  • For help in installing Synfig Studio, please click here.
  • Refer graphics from our FOCAL (free and open source creative art library) repository.


We request you to share the event details through this poster with high school/college students, faculty, animators, graphic designers, and FOSS enthusiasts who might be interested. Download the poster by clicking on the image.

Endorsement Partners

We are happy to announce our endorsement partners.

Partners and Organisers

Rules and Regulations

  • The decision of the review committee and organizers in declaring the results will be final. No queries in this regard will be entertained.
  • The same person can not participate in more than one team.
  • If a person is found participating in more than one team, both the teams will be disqualified from the Hackathon.
  • Use ONLY open source software for creating animations. You are not allowed to use any proprietary software in your animation in any aspect. If found you and your team will be disqualified.
  • The accepted submissions shall be released and published under open source licence in public domain.
  • The team lead will be only one point of contact with the organizers.
  • If any participant/ team is found to be indulging in any form of malpractice, the team will be immediately disqualified.
  • The hackathon is open to all.


Please refer to this document for FAQs on Synfig Studio 2D Animation Hackathon.

Contact Us

For any queries please email contact-focal[at]fossee[dot]in